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At Master Green, we understand that each dress, especially wedding dresses, requires individualized attention and care. Our meticulous process ensures that your cherished gown receives the treatment it deserves, making it look as stunning as ever.

The first step in our process is a comprehensive dress inspection. Our experts carefully examine every inch of the dress, identifying areas that require special attention. This includes inspecting all beads, sequins, or crystals to ensure none are missing or broken. We thoroughly check the bodice and body of the dress, examining both the front and back to identify any stains. The hemline is closely inspected to determine the type and extent of soiling and to detect any signs of wear and tear. Additionally, each layer of the dress is meticulously checked for length, soiling, and overall condition.

The second crucial stage is pre-treatment. During this step, all visible stains are treated with a special solution specifically formulated for wedding dresses. Each spot or stain is individually addressed, and the hem is hand-treated to address any soiling present.


Next comes the actual wedding dress cleaning process. For dresses with light sequins or no sequins at all, we ensure they are cleaned separately in our dry cleaning machine, without any other garments. We use a fresh distilled cleaning solution to preserve the dress’s integrity and beauty. In the case of fully sequinned or heavily beaded dresses, we take the utmost care and hand-clean them to protect their exquisite decoration.

After cleaning, the dress undergoes a steaming process, making it easier to identify any remaining stains or previously unseen yellow marks. During this stage, we also inspect the dress for any open seams or missing buttons, which we promptly repair or replace as needed.

To complete the wedding dress cleaning process, we apply a meticulous finishing touch. The dress is re-steamed and renewed to restore it as close to its original “like new” condition as possible. If you wish to preserve your gown for the long term, we offer the option of storing it in an acid-free chest to ensure its longevity.

At Master Green, we take immense pride in providing unmatched care and attention to your precious wedding dress. Our goal is to make your gown look flawless and radiant, leaving you with cherished memories of your special day for years to come.

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